I am now able to make this public: the second AGRA school (Aritmética, Grupos, Análisis) will be happening in Cusco in August 2015.

    Here is the website.

    We are still putting together funding, but we have already managed to ensure quite a bit, and so we will be able to fund quite a few graduate students and young researchers (and perhaps some that are not quite so young). Our aim is to cover the expenses of admitted applicants in South America fully, and to cover the local expenses of people from elsewhere as well.


    I’m not calling it a “summer” or “winter” school, since climate at a moderate-high altitude (3400 meters over sea level) relatively close to the equatorial line simply does not follow that categorization. “Dry-season school” would have sounded a little odd, even though it would have been accurate.

    (Implications: sunny, cool at night and in the early morning, no mud, no rain, and unfortunately, no mushrooms either.)

    As I said: people of all genders are encouraged to apply – or, in Spanish, tod@s están invitad@s a postular, which is a rather nice way to put it, since it explicitly includes cyborgs.

    I hope the speakers will find they have been fairly depicted by their photograph:


    This depicts the use of the Monte Carlo method to approximate an area. Many thanks to Martín Chambi!

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I am a number theorist with side interests in combinatorics and group theory.
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5 Responses to AGRA II

  1. mqs2014 says:

    Reblogged this on Some cool math problems.

  2. Mtor says:

    That is great news for all the scientific scene of Peru! I hope CONCYTEC will be contributing in a non trivial way to the development of the event. It might be, since now there seems to be an important change in how things work from the top.
    I´ve seen the abstracts, and to me it seems that there is nothing of practical use(i.e. directly applicable) for prospective theoretical/mathematical physicists but with some effort you might relate some topics into the most theoretical parts of string theory. Although, I´m not really sure how this could be done. Any thoughts?

    • valuevar says:

      Hi – this is not a school in mathematical physics. At the same time, I would think a basic knowledge of group theory to be essential to most physicists, and some contact with number theory can also be useful. (Physicists seem to have an easy time getting excited about divergent series and the Riemann zeta function, for instance.) So, I could certainly see how the school could be appealing to young mathematical physicists with broad interests.

      I also hope CONCYTEC will help some :).

  3. Gonzales Castillo Cristhian A. says:

    Hi Prf. Helfgott. Great news. I’m from Peru. I have started my studies in maths for my interest in algebra and number theory. I can pay my travel expenses, but do not know how to get in touch with the people here and do not want to be isolated during the trip. Do you know how I can integrate into the group? Thanks for the effort in organizing such events here.

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