Bourbaki talk

This afternoon – Saturday, 4pm, Paris time – I will give a Bourbaki talk on the work of Babai on the graph isomorphism problem, going as well over previous work (Luks, Weisfeiler- Le(h)man, etc.) that prepared the way towards it. I’ve spent the last few weeks – and that includes the last few days – going through everything with great care.

From Wikipedia:

“The Séminaire Nicolas Bourbaki (Bourbaki Seminar) is a series of seminars (in fact public lectures with printed notes distributed) that has been held in Paris since 1948. It is one of the major institutions of contemporary mathematics, and a barometer of mathematical achievement, fashion, and reputation. It is named after Nicolas Bourbaki, a group of French and other mathematicians of variable membership.”

As you can see from the link, a Bourbaki talk is always given by a speaker about other people’s work. It is accompanied by an expository paper explaining difficult recent material.

It is an honor and a pleasure of me to give a Bourbaki talk on Babai’s major breakthrough. This has been an exciting story.

I understand that my talk will be streamed live: live video. The notes will be made available online in the very near future. I hope they will make it easier for all others to follow the proof themselves.

About valuevar

I am a number theorist with side interests in combinatorics and group theory.
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