Back to the battle

I paused the blogging for a bit due to other commitments. To summarize the last few months: AGRA went well, I got a paper on three primes out, and, after the usual conference season, I am back in home ground.

I recently asked a question on the symmetric group on mathoverflow. I liked I. Pak‘s answer, but I am curious as to whether anybody has more to say on the matter.

While in a Paris cinema the other night, a realization came upon me: not only do we need a remake of Battle Chess (with a modern engine), but the animations must absolutely be reanimations of actors from the sixties and seventies who have sadly passed away by now. Interpolate from a large database of striking facial gestures…

I postulate that one of the queens must be played by late-period Romy Schneider. (Arguments: (a) she is just the sort to electrocute other characters, (b) there would be that scene with the rook.) Thinking about it, it is obvious that Klaus Kinski (impersonating Benedict XVI, of course) should be a bishop. If this is to be Europeans vs. Americans, what about Burt Lancaster (as in Il Gattopardo) as king? But then, that setup would deprive us of Toshiro Mifune…

About valuevar

I am a number theorist with side interests in combinatorics and group theory.
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