On oceans and causa, briefly

Imagine I wrote an essay here on Supervielle’s L’enfant de la haute mer and Lem/Tarkovsky’s Solaris. This could be a case of actual influence (Supervielle’s, on Lem).

Amandine potatoes, for causa: their texture is very well suited for the purpose – better, in fact, than that of Charlottes; however, they are not as flavorful as Charlottes – they will do iff heavily spiced.

(Lest anybody misinterpret this culinary remark, let me signal my complete agreement with Federico’s latest post.)


About valuevar

I am a number theorist with side interests in combinatorics and group theory.
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4 Responses to On oceans and causa, briefly

  1. Lee Worden says:

    link is broken -lw

  2. was says:

    The link is ‘broken.’
    Not to just say this, let me add what in fact I wanted to say since some time:
    Nice blog!

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