ENS, Sarhua and causa

A classical graffito now adorns the main entrance to my workplace:

(Alain Minc is, among other things, a former member of the Fondation Saint-Simon.) The truly cute thing about this is that this isn’t a statement meant for latinists alone; whoever wrote it clearly meant it to be understood by all thanks to his or her calque of a classical phrase. The definition of “all” implicit here is a little funny.

(I also do that kind of thing, but, since I provide links, I am beyond reproach – not that that was really a reproach.)

My nicely self-referential tabla de Sarhua was slightly damaged during the move.

I have just verified that Charlotte potatoes are more than adequate for causa: they are yellow-fleshed, flavourful and hold together well. My only concern is that they hold together a little too well after boiling: the result seem to be only a short distance (on the right side, luckily) of the fateful singularity at which causa becomes a revolting protoplasmic blob of play-doh. (Amateur cooks: do not pretend you do not know what I am talking about.)

Est-ce qu’il y a des autres variétés françaises de pomme de terre que vous pourriez recommander pour la préparation de la causa?

My wayqi has finally posted a new entry on his
blog. As you can see, I have just started a lively debate there (between two nearly identical positions). Feel free to stoke the fires. (En espagnol seulement.)


About valuevar

I am a number theorist with side interests in combinatorics and group theory.
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9 Responses to ENS, Sarhua and causa

  1. tomcio says:

    ¿Sería aceptable sustituir a la mayonesa con algo o es una herejía?

    • valuevar says:

      Si la causa no es rellena, puedes simplemente omitir la mayonesa. Me imagino que podrias dejarla de lado aun si la causa fuera rellena, pero entonces el relleno se sentiria mas bien seco. La mayonesa “light” es perfectamente aceptable, asi como la mayonesa vegetariana. Dime si encuentras una buena alternativa. (No te gusta la mayonesa?)

  2. Fede says:

    Is that a tabla de Sarhua about people moving a tabla de Sarhua?

  3. Fede says:

    If Borges had made a tabla de sarhua, that would be it, no?

    • valuevar says:

      Ha! Of course I got that tabla on purpose, and more or less in that spirit.

      Strictly speaking, this tabla is recursive rather than precisely self-referential. The table (call it table X) whose production and transport are described in this table (call it table Y) is not the same table as table Y, or, for that matter, of quite the same kind. It is my understanding that, originally, a tabla de Sarhua depicted the people involved in helping a young couple set up their house. (The tabla then became a viga (en: beam, fr: poutre), i.e., part of the structure of the house.) Wikipedia (I know…) states that narrative tablas de Sarhua are a relatively recent innovation.

      In summary: this is a narrative tabla de Sarhua whose subject matter involves a more traditional tabla de Sarhua.

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