How to find yourself here

I cannot help being surprised by the ways people have to find this blog through search engines. Here are the complete statistics, courtesy of, with some added commentary. Each phrase is followed by its count, i.e., the number of times a user found this page by typing the phrase.

Guilt is always beyond doubt.

  • the value of the variable 21
  • “the value of the variable” 14
  • valuevar 5
  • value of variable 1

No surprises here.

  • milo drink 4
  • cocoa on brain 1
  • small can milo powder 1

Milo must have a rather small web footprint, especially in comparison with its footprint on, er, brains. This is very unexpected. Is it a southern-hemisphere thing?

  • ar de celebes 3

What on earth is an “ar”? At any rate, the brave searcher may have been as perplexed with the result as I am now.

Celebes, according to Max Ernst

  • gauss bonnet 2

Ah, for the sweetness of curvature. But twice?

  • sad maths jokes 2

I hope this was not God.

  • elephant helfgott’s damaged ignored bloodless depressing blog 2

I was later told by a (Finnish) person that she just typed in every single negative word she could find by a thorough inspection of my blog (as of a month ago). Clever, but cheating.

  • the value of the variable harald 2

This may be the end of my largely imaginary semi-anonimity. But then, Big Bird was already fairly specific about my initial(s).

  • non euclidean geometry 2
  • “graduate course” non-euclidean geometry 1

I hope this was hit number 1000. Or does google search have some sort of bizarre preference for pages mentioning Celebes?

  • paragraph about bunnies 2

This strikes me as slightly odd. What were you brushing up on? Bunny Law?

  • celebes 1

Scratch my previous hypothesis. I am afraid I may be giving people an odd idea of Sulawesi.

  • harald helfgott i have your 60 francs come and get them big boy “the value of the variable” sucks my ass! 1
  • harald helfgott a un blog qui est nul et qui s’appelle (bêtement) the value of the variabl (quelle connerie) 1

Obviously some people were already aware that I can see this.

  • “arithmetic-geometric inequality” 1
  • arithmetic geometric inequality for complex numbers 1

Were these very young persons? (Corruption of the innocent in the horizon?)

Zasetsky and Luria

  • elephant larger than fly manin 1

This is strangely indirect. I may have been found by somebody looking for a half-remembered bit where Manin quotes somebody I also quote. (I quote Manin as quoting him.) What is more, “him” here means either a battle survivor with a brain wound or a doctor quoting him.

  • mi lo 1

Searching for Milo from the Far East, perhaps. (Or in Solresol.)

  • bonnie and clyde doing crypto 1

Great minds things alike – or an associate of theirs was careless. (Alternatively, I may have mentioned something at the GANT conference.)

  • geometry updates 1

Again, it is odd to find this by such a generic query.

Cocoa convergence problems

  • cocoa convergence problems 1

Honesty forces me to ruin this partially for everybody by pointing out that “Cocoa” seems to be a floating-point library.

  • nash embedding theorem 1

I mentioned this once, in passing.

  • hyperbolic harmonic 1

Cults have been built in California around this.

  • mean value theorem of f(x)=x+(1/x) [.5,2] 1

Try Gnuplot instead.

  • consistancy of eculidian geometry 1

A very interesting query, and a case of either dyslexia or great precocity (or both).

  • tube map 1

The poor tourist was no better oriented than before.

  • number of soldiers killed by horse-kicks prussian cavalry 1

Mom, is this you?


About valuevar

I am a number theorist with side interests in combinatorics and group theory.
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3 Responses to How to find yourself here

  1. Anne-Maria says:

    You make Finns a bad name. (Well, I suppose I can’t blame only you if some Finn does something crazy, and then you tell about it to everybody in your blog, but anyway. It’s easier here to blame you than anybody else.)

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